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The OG Workout Pantie

The only workout pantie you will ever need. This pantie does everything - ready to keep you dry through the whole day, even a lunch time workout or after dinner drinks.

Hairtie Packs

Grab a set of our hair-ties, meant for getting that pesky hair out of your way while you are GONE. And they even come with a Gone Active sticker. How could you say no??

Our PPP - Pantie Protection Pack

Missed out on the PPP loan? We've got you covered. Our truly unique Pantie Protection Packs may not make thousands of dollars appear in your bank account for you to do with what you will but GIRL, do they keep your panties fresh. 

What makes us different?

Our Founder and CEO

Nikki Cannon, Human

As CEO and Founder of Gone Active Wear, I set out every day to build a better brand and a better company for the humans of this world, starting with their underwear! Studying Astrophysics in college only gave me a taste of what dreaming big could really become but it wasn't until moving to California where Gone Active started to get going. This brand is more than clothes, it's a movement. A Movement to #FreeYourVagina. It's time we all start demanding more from our clothes. 


Hola lovelies! Check out these blog posts straight from our CEO! They are rich with life-hacks, checklists, and a good healthy dose of sarcasm.

The CrowdFunder!!!!

Honestly, two years seems like a long time to work so slowly towards something but every step taken and mistake made lead me to IFundWomen where they gave me the confidence (and crash course) I needed to continue onward!

Why Silver??

Check out our short blerb outlining some of the great aspects of silver and how our supplier has used this to create such a unique material! 

The Cali Garden

Check out the handmade and one-of-a-kind Pantie Protection Pack or PPP! Grown and shipped straight from our CEO's garden

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