About Us

GONE - What?

Our Mission

Our mission started as something amorphous but with the intent to quite literally, give women the underwear they deserve. Under garments and sports wear designed by women, for women's anatomy.

We value diversity of anatomy (not *just* body types) and we want to make clothes that reflect the reality of our day to day. From the way we move in them to the way we bleed in them, we want Gone to fit you.

Discarding the precedence of this (rather) formidable industry, we've reinvented the way women's underwear is made and worn, from pattern to fabric. And we aren't stopping there. This brand is more than clothes, it's a movement. A Movement to #FreeYourVagina. It's time we all start demanding more from our underwear.

Our Founder

Nikki Cannon, Human.

Straight from the East Coast of the US, I've spent most of my time here as a human on earth learning everything I can get my hands on. From dreaming about discovery mummies to looking to the ends of the universe, it was clear even when I was a young child that I yearned for knowledge.

Taking these values with me, I completed my Bachelor's at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA (GO SCOTTIES!). After a couple of life road bumps, I built a career in IT consulting helping businesses digitally transform their technology stacks traveling all over the country. Eventually, I ended up in LA working for a company back in ATL when I got fired. As every turning point occurs in every life, I started using that new found time to learn how to sew. A couple of bloody fingers later, I had made my first pantie prototype - and Gone Active began.

Today, I live outside LA with my partner and two pups, picking oranges off our trees and rollerblading down to Muscle Beach.


What's Next for GONE?

What isn't possible???

It may have started with underwear but it won't be ending there. We are taking a hard and deconstructive look at each piece of women's sportswear, unraveling each seam trying to understand how to make them better and well, less obtrusive. From 'Training' Bras to Maternity wear, we are taking it all on. It's time women's clothing reflects every facet of our crazy lives, no matter what you do.

As part of our Grow Strategy, we are committed to building a different kind of company. One that doesn't put profit over quality or devalues our employees. We are looking to build a company that does everything differently because the Status Quo, just isn't working anymore. That's just how we do.