The Cali Garden

Happy Leafs

Only the California sunshine within the valleys only found outside of LA nourishes these leaves!

Juice On-Demand

Two fully mature Orange variety trees not only provide shade but an endless amount of sweet nectar!

Saves Water

Redesigned with water in mind, most of the plants in the garden are water-saver natives

Roses, Roses, Roses!

This one in-particular is a favorite. Picked up from the 'Clearance Rack of Plants' one sad day in a Depot, he perked right up with the proper care. Now one of our most reliable rose bush, this mysterious guy has deep scarlet scores on the deepest petals and provides the sweetest scent now in our seasonal Pantie Packs.

Happy and Healthy Tummy

Not only full of flowers and butterflies, the birds and the bees have helped provide a countless amount of fresh vegetables for the eating. A true hero for us in the middle of the Pandemic, growing our own from seed has been the most delish endeavor yet. Most varieties purchased from Johnny's and grown in the SoCal Valleys, they burst with flavor in a way I did not know a tomato could!

Sunflowers Galore!

Again from Johnny's - our absolutely favorite plants in the garden. Humming the bees at peak hours of noon, these are always a delight to watch sway in a slight summer breeze.

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